What charities do you support?

Currently, I only donate to the Wildlife Alliance and my local Animal Protection Leauge. I would be happy to donate to almost any animal welfare charity of your choice, if you include it in a message along with your order number. A list of charities I will NOT support:

  • PETA
  • Human Society of the United States

You can find more information about my charity efforts here: Roux the Sunda Pangolin

Why won’t you support PETA?

I do not belive in what PETA stands for. They use dirty tactics aimed at traumatizing children, euthanize perfectly adoptable pets (in one case, even kidnapping them off their owner’s porch), support eco-terrorism, use disinformation (or outright lies), and have compared victims of the Holocaust and human slaves with farm animals.

Why won’t you support the ASPCA?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals purports to be an animal welfare charity – everyone knows those Sarah MacLauchlan ads of cuty puppies and kittens, right? Very little of the money they raise goes to actually helping those animals, though. Most of it goes towards employee salaries, benefits, and other overhead. Only 8% of their revenue goes towards animal welfare.

They also oppose the no-kill shelter movement.

I do support most local SPCAs!

Why won’t you support HSUS?

Less than 1% of HSUS’s budget goes towards shelter animals, but 85% of their advertising features cute images of shelter animals – that OTHER organizations pay to support.

They are a lobbying organization, not an animal welfare charity.

I do support most local Humane Societies, though!

Are your images copyrighted?

All images created by me, including those on my items in the store, website, Etsy store, social media, and elsewhere are protected by copyright.